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Additional information for
Laurie Williams Music Collection

Full TitleLaurie Williams Music Collection
Author(s)Williams, Laurie
PublisherLaurie Williams Music, Adelaide
Year of Publication2014
Pointed text includedYes; language: English; Version: Liturgical Psalter
Chants numbered continuouslyNo
Chants assigned to PsalmsYes
SourceClick here (link opens in new window)
Additional comments Samples (GIF) for evaluation purposes can be downloaded.
Chants/publications are not numbered, but they are associated with specific Psalms. For the purpose of this index the chants are numbered sequentially as they are published (and included in the index). The page number is set to "*" and reference is only made to the chant numbers .

Table of Contents

The reference format is "p-n" where "p"is the pagenumber and "n" the chant number
If the chant number is colored, click on it to play the midi
The column "T" indicates the type of chant (S=Single, etc - refer to the page Types)
Click on the fingerprint to go to an overview page for that fingerprint
Click on the composer name to go to the page for that composer

p-n T Key Composer Finger
*-1 D A♭ Williams, Laurie   -2   5   2   5  -3 24
Note: Available here
*-2 D F Williams, Laurie    2   2   3   0  -2 23
Note: Pointing and chant in 3 rather than the usual 2.
Available here
*-3 D E Williams, Laurie   -2   3  -1   3  -1 98
Note: Available here

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