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De stem van David

Full TitleDe stem van David
Author(s)Oussoren, Pieter / Oost, Gert
PublisherProtestantse Stichting tot Bevordering van het Bibliotheekwezen en de Lectuurvoorziening in Nederland, Voorburg
Year of Publication1989
Pointed text includedNo
Chants numbered continuouslyYes
Chants assigned to PsalmsNo
Sourceown property
Additional comments The translation of the Psalmtext into Dutch is by Pieter Oussoren. For each of the twelve modes three plainchants are given, and a single and a double anglican chant, composed by Gert Oost.
Chants are given the number of the mode they are in; a suffix "S" or "D" is used to distinguish between Single and Double chants.

Table of Contents

The reference format is "p-n" where "p"is the pagenumber and "n" the chant number
If the chant number is colored, click on it to play the midi
The column "T" indicates the type of chant (S=Single, etc - refer to the page Types)
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