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Overview of all references of chants with fingerprint
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Composer Book Page No. Type Key Psalms/
Brown, Christopher 9 322 3‑b D B♭ Benedicite, omnia opera (Gloria)
Note: Set III;Both halves of chant no. 3a to be sung simultaneously: Decani first half; Cantoris second half; indexed under the first treble part
Brown, Christopher 75 3 11‑b D B♭ Note: Both halves of the quadruple chant 11a combined to form an eight part double chant for the Gloria (or elsewhere); indexed under the fingerprint of the first half.
Crossland, Anthony 36 31 69 D G
Brown, Christopher 9 322 3‑a Q B♭ Benedicite, omnia opera (25-32)
Note: Set III
Brown, Christopher 75 3 11‑a Q B♭

Last updated/corrected 18-4-2017