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Additional information for
The Psalter (original edition?)

Number -- Status89 -- Planned
Full TitleThe Psalter (original edition?)
Author(s)Ouseley, F. A. G. / Monk, E. G.
PublisherNovello, Ewer and Co., London
Year of Publication1861
Chants numbered continuouslyYes
Psalms associated with chants - Pointed text includedYes/Yes; language: English; Version: Coverdale - BCP 1662
Sets of chants for certain psalmsNo
Separate selections of psalms includedNo
SourceInternet archive
Additional comments This is probably the first edition (1861), of no. 88. Contents are the same, apart from the page lay-out and page numbering. Not seperately indexed.
Available at Google Play: Jan. 1st, 1861 Google Books, not downloadable.