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Additional information for
A Selection of Cathedral Chants

Number -- Status181 -- Wanted
Full TitleA Selection of Cathedral Chants
Author(s)Merriott, E.
PublisherCoventry & Hollier
Year of Publication1838
Chants numbered continuouslyNo
Psalms associated with chants - Pointed text includedNo/No
Sets of chants for certain psalmsNo
Separate selections of psalms includedNo
Additional comments Apparently a series as The Hodges Family Collection contains nos. 1-3 (look under 'Sixteen Compiled Volumes'), whereas the review below discusses no. 4.

Review of no. 4 in The musical world, Vol. VIII, January 5 to April 26, 1838, review no. 10: Out of the thirty one chants, of which this number consists, five (82, 90, 100, 102, and 104,) deserve approbation; three (93, 96, and 99,) are tolerable specimens of their author's talents in this branch of ecclesiastical music; the remaining twenty-three exhibit almost every variety of bad taste and vicious modulation, within the bounds of this species of composition. The trite, the ridiculous, and the atrocious, mingle with each other in most admired confusion. One would imagine that their respective authors had never entered a cathedral, or condescended to study the simplest rules of counterpoint.