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Additional information for
Harrison's original Sacred Melodies, Hymns, Chants, Anthems

Number -- Status212 -- Planned
Full TitleHarrison's original Sacred Melodies, Hymns, Chants, Anthems
Author(s)Harrison, John
PublisherJ. Collier, Malton
Year of Publication1866
Chants numbered continuouslyYes
Psalms associated with chants - Pointed text includedNo/No
Sets of chants for certain psalmsNo
Separate selections of psalms includedNo
SourceClick here (link opens in new window)
Additional comments Four chants on page 64 in the pdf; Editor is probably John Harrison: first half of chant no. 4 in this book is identical to a chant by John Harrison in Warren's Chanter's Hand-Guide (book no. 161). Argument against: this book was published in Malton, whereas John Harrison lived all his life in South-East England.