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List of chant books included

The list has four parts: the books that I am trying to find (wanted) first, then the books included, the book(s) in progress and finally the planned books.
Within each group the list is in alphabetical order of the (significant part of the) titles.

Note: The book numbers have no significance. They are used for internal reference only.
For convenience a reference list, sorted by number, is provided.

For books listed as "Wanted" I have not yet been able to identify a copy (or an electronic version). Any help is appreciated!

Likewise, suggestions for books not in the lists are very welcome.

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No. Title Author(s) Year
 Books Wanted
120 A Selection of Chants Cleland, George 1823
 Books Included
29 The Ad Majorem Collection of Psalter Chants Anonymous 1930
55 The Alternative Service Book (ASB) Psalter and Canticles Dakers, Lionel / Taylor, Cyril 1981
94 Andrew Revans' Private Collection Revans, Andrew (ed.) 2016
34 The Anglican Chant Appreciation Society (ACAS) Collection: Chants from the ACAS Facebook Pages Meijer, Ton (Ed.) 2012-2017
16 The Anglican Chant Psalter Wyton, Alec 1987
8 The Anglican Chantbook Sibthorp, R.E. / Chambers, H.A. 1956
91 Anglican Chants Martin 2011
9 The Anglican Psalter (The New St. Paul's Cathedral Psalter) Scott, John 1997
37 The Anglican Psalter and Canticles Brown, Arthur H. 1878
13 Bemrose's Choir Chant Book Stephens, Charles E. 1882
81 The Blackburn Cathedral Chant Book (T. L. D. Memorial Chant Book) Bertalot, John 1971
10 Het boek der Psalmen, deel I Ouwens, Koenraad 2000
11 Het boek der Psalmen, deel II Ouwens, Koenraad 2000
21 The Book of psalms, pointed for chanting, and adapted to appropriate chants An English Priest 1858
42 The Bristol Tune-Book Stone, Alfred et. al. 1891
74 Cantica Nova Hoyle, Vernon / Wainwright, Jonathan 1997
87 Cantica Nova 2 Hoyle, Vernon / Wainwright, Jonathan 2017
79 The Canticles with appropriate chants, Anglican and Gregorian Church Music Committee, Diocese of Toronto 1889
111 St. Catharine's College Chant Book Epps, David R. 1954
1 Cathedral Chants Bennett, Alfred / Marshall, William 1829
2 Cathedral Chants of the XVI, XVII & XVIII Centuries, 3rd ed. Rimbault, Edward F. 1844
98 Cathedral Music Woodward, Richard 1771
4 The Cathedral Psalter Church of England ca 1890
64 The Cathedral Psalter Chants Flood Jones, S. / Turle, J. / Troutbeck, J. / Stainer, J. / Barnby, J. ca. 1890
5 The Cathedral Psalter, adapted to the use of the American Church Fox, Alfred / Hervey, D.E. / King, Henry 1890
67 The Chantbook Companion to the Book of Common Prayer Vincent, Charles 1881
26 Set of Chants adapted to the hymns in the Morning and Evening Prayer and to the Communion Service of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew and Jackson, George Knowil 1819
71 Chants Ancient and Modern, Responses Stewart, Robert P. 1883
92 Chants from Peterborough Vann, Stanley 1985
36 Chants Old and New - A treasury of Anglican Psalmody Crossland, Anthony 1994
46 The Choir and Family Psalter Wainwright, J. M. / Muhlenberg, W. A. 1851
40 The Choral Psalter Hopkins, E. J. / Smyth, W. H. 1869
22 The Choral Service Book Elliot, J. W. 1894
110 Christ Church Oxford Chants Preston,Simon c. 1975
109 Christ Church Oxford Evening Chants Anonymous 1960
97 Church of England Psalmody Parr, Henry 1872
45 The Church Psalter Hutchins, Charles L. 1897
47 The Church Psalter and Hymnbook Part I Canticles-Psalter-Hymns Mercer, William / Goss, John 1863
99 The Collection of Chants with the responses ("Cambridge Collection") Walmisley, Thomas Attwood c. 1870
52 The Common Worship Psalter with Chants Harper, John 2002
38 The Congregational Psalmist Allon, Henry 1868
27 The Coverdale Chant book Wulstan, David 1978
90 Divine Harmony Langdon, Richard 1774
6 Divine Harmony Alcock, John 1752
69 Divine Harmony. Being a collection of two hundred and seven double and single chants, in score, ancient and modern sung at His Majesty's Chapels Royal Vandernan, Thomas (ed.) 1770
85 Graduaalpsalmen voor de kerstkring Toorn, Arend van der 1977
86 Graduaalpsalmen voor de paaskring Toorn, Arend van der 1979
68 The Guildford Cathedral Collection Archives of Sound 2015-2017
57 The Handbook of One Hundred Chants Martin, G. W. 1889
58 Havergal's Psalmody and century of chants from "Old church Psalmody" Havergal, W. H. 1871
14 Heel mijn ziel, Nieuwe psalmen voor kerk en koor Vlaming, Nico / Winter, Christiaan 2012
17 The Hymnal 1940 with Supplements I and II The Episcopal Church 1940, 1943, 1961
20 The Hymnal 1982 The Episcopal Church 1982
12 The Hymnal revised and enlarged Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America 1894
77 The Irish Chantbook Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1938 (1970)
61 Laurie Williams Music Collection Williams, Laurie 2014
83 The Lichfield Psalter Lamb, Benjamin 2012
63 The Liturgical Psalter and Canticles Dakers, Lionel / Taylor, Cyril 1981
33 The Loose Leaf Collection Meijer, Ton 2014
62 A manual of Psalmody Carlyle, Benjamin F. 1861
59 Mason's Book of Chants Mason, Lowell 1856
70 Metcalfe's 300 Single and Double Chants Metcalfe, William ca. 1875
84 Modern Psalter Beatch, Stuart 2015
49 The New Cathedral Psalter Chants (*), The St. Paul's Cathedral Chantbook Martin, George C. 1909
50 The New Cathedral Psalter Chants (**), For Parish Church Use Lloyd, Charles H. 1909
51 The New Cathedral Psalter Chants (***), For Village Church Use MacPherson, Charles 1909
43 The New Cathedral Psalter with Chants Lloyd, Charles H. / Martin, George C. 1909
75 One Hundred Twentieth Century Chants Brunton, Barry (ed.) 1976
28 Oxford Chant Book No. 1 Roper, Stanley / Walker, Arthur E. 1933
95 The Oxford Chant Book No. 2 Ley, H. G. and S. Roper 1934
7 The Parish Psalter with Chants Nicholson, Sydney H. 1932/1985
53 The Psalms of David Guest, George H. 2012
32 The Psalter and Canticles with appropriate Chants Ancient and Modern Turle, James 1865
15 Psalter Gregoriaans en Chants Tielstra, Wiebe / Schilling, Arie / Kapteyn, Jo 2006
25 The Psalter, or Psalms of David: with Chants arranged for the Daily Morning and Evening Service Wesley, S. S. 1843
88 The Psalter Ouseley, F. A. G. / Monk, E. G. 1861(?)
23 RSCM Chantbook The Royal School of Church Music 1981
24 The Saint Mary´s Chantbook Anonymous (Ed.) 1880
30 The Scottish Prose Psalter (1906) Church of Scotland 1906
72 The Scottish Psalter (1929) Pritchard, T. C. L. 1929
73 The Scottish Psalter (Free Church of Scotland) Free Church of Scotland 1887
112 Sheppard's Select Psalmody, new and improved edition Sheppard, William 1843
113 Supplement to Sheppard's Select Psalmody Sheppard, William 1844
118 Sixty, I. Chants, Single and Double John Jones 1785
56 The Southwark Psalter Richardson, A. M. / Westcott, B.F. 1905
19 The Temple Church Choral Service Book, 2nd Edition Hopkins, E.J. 1869
82 The Trinity Chant-book Marlow, Richard K. 1997
54 Twenty Anglican Chants Barnard, John 2014
119 Supplement to the Voce di Melodia Holford, William 1850
18 The Wessex Psalter Riding, J. D. / Hale, N. J. 2009
39 The Westminster Abbey chant book Troutbeck, John / Bridge, Frederick 1894
3 The York Chantbook, Chants for the Daily Psalms as used in York Minster Monk, Edwin G. 1869
 Books Planned
108 Anglican Chants written out in full Beaumont, Robin (ed) 2016
115 Anglican Psalter Chants Ouseley, F.A.G. and E. G. Monk 1876
105 A book of Chants Foote, Arthur 1893
93 Canadian Church Psalmody Clarke, J.P. (ed.) 1845
106 Church Music Redhead,Richard 1840
104 Church Praise Ross, J.M.E. (ed.) 1907
44 A Collection of Psalm Hymn Tunes, Chants, Anthems etc. Greatorex, H.W. 1851
102 Common praise for the book of common prayer: chants and tunes J.H. Waterbury 1868
96 Gregorian and other Ecclesiastical Chants anon. (Ingram?) 1843
80 The Huron Diocesan Chant Book Sippi, George B. / Sippi, Charles A. 1884
117 The Hymnal published in 1895 and revised in 1911 Presbyterian Church in the United States of America 1911
107 Hymnal of the Presbyterian Church General Assembly 1867
103 Hymns and Chants Harbaugh, Henry 1861
114 Improved and Select Psalmody Loder, E. J. 1841
35 John Speller's Webpages - Anglican Chant Speller, John ??
48 Nederlandstalige Liturgische gezangen Anon. ??
65 Original Hymn Tunes, Chants, Sentences and Motets Oliver, Henry K. 1875
66 The Parochial Psalmist Lloyd, John F. W. / Buck, Henry ca. 1847
31 The Psalter pointed for singing, and set to music according to the use of Trinity Parish, New York Trinity Church, New York 1886
89 The Psalter (original edition?) Ouseley, F. A. G. / Monk, E. G. 1861(?)
76 A Selection of Chants and Tunes Toronto Diocesan Synod 1861
41 Selections of psalms, together with the canticles, occasional anthems, and proper psalms on certain days pointed for chanting, with chants Walter, William H. 1857
101 The service book: manual of Anglican chants and Gregorian tones adapted to the canticles J. Ireland Tucker 1875
78 De stem van David Oussoren, Pieter / Oost, Gert 1989
116 Two hundred and Thirty-one Single and Double chants Browne, Daniel Charles 1857
60 Unison chants for the Psalter Ouseley, F. A. G. / Monk, E. G. 1891
100 The Whole Book of Psalms Hullah, John (ed.) 1844

92 chantbooks/collections included, 0 in progress and 27 planned

Last updated/corrected 19-2-2019