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Overview of all references of chants with fingerprint
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ID   Composer Book Page No. Type Key Psalms/Notes:
25342   Waite, J. S. 142 3 11 S C
23423   Fletcher, William 113 33 10‑a D G Note: attributed to "Fletcher". Most likely William Fletcher, organist in Shrewsbury Abbey; listed as a quadruple but with the Da Capo it can also be seen as a sextuple. However, this is actually a major(a)/minor(b) set and indexed as such and as a quadruple (c).
29349   Gooch, Frederick 169 8 6 D G
23427   Fletcher, William 113 33 10‑c Q G Note: ref. no. 10-a
19861   Mason, Lowell 59 165 145 X B♭ Note: structure 2-2-2-4