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Overview of all references of chants with fingerprint
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ID   Composer Book Page No. Type Key Psalms/Notes:
14817   McLelland-Young, Thomas 74 * 207 S A 137
Note: also suitable for men's voices
17389   Metcalfe, William 70 37 121 S E
17587   Metcalfe, William 70 128 286‑1 D e Note: Obligato organ part (left out in the midi, included in 286-2) print error: tenor bar 12 F minim should read F natural minim (this note is not tied, as in the organ part, so the natural is necessary)
17588   Metcalfe, William 70 128 286‑2 D e Note: as no. 286-1, obligato organ part included in the midi; print error: refer to no. 286-1