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Overview of all references of chants with fingerprint
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Composer Book Page No. Type Key Psalms/
Richardson, Alfred Madeley 56 203 1 S C 93
Ravalde, Timothy 87 * 276‑a S D 150 (3-4)
Bertalot, John (Burrowes, John Freckleton) 81 40 4‑b S E♭ 97 (12)
Note: Descant by John Bertalot for vs. 12
Lang, Craig Sellar 111 26 98 T A 48
Note: in the last section it is not clear from the manuscript whether this is unison as in the other instances, but it is assumed to be unison with treble descant and organ.
Lang, Craig Sellar (Lyon, R. J.) 34 117 1 T B♭ 48
Note: Posted 2012-08-14
Possibly arrangement by Lang of a chant by J. Lyon.
Second part omitted for Gloria.
Lang, Craig Sellar 94 536 1 T B♭ 48
Note: Christ's Hospital 1931, no. 93; first quarter last section unison with treble descant and organ