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All references to the Double chant with full melodic line:


Lloyd, Charles Harford

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ID Book Title Page Chant   Key Psalms/Notes
09613 50 The New Cathedral Psalter Chants (**), For Parish Church Use (Lloyd, Charles H.) 19 75   G major Deus misereatur
15525 77 The Irish Chantbook (Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge) 96 532   G major 90(13-end; Gloria), 90(13-end; Gloria)
21892 94 Andrew Revans' Private Collection (Revans, Andrew (ed.)) 764 1   G major New Cathedral Psalter Chants (**); no. 75
33653 131 Neville Richards Private Collection (Neville Richards) 190 2   G major 66
St Stephen Walbrook, London with St Martinís Voices - 12th December 2018
24326 132 Lincoln Psalter (Prentice, Aric / Apperley, Richard (ed)) 80 66   G major 66
27398 162 Ely Cathedral Chant Book (Judd, Roger) 22 4   G major 55(17-end)