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Porter, Samuel (1733-1810)

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Additional comments: From Grove's: PORTER, Samuel, bom at Norwich in 1733, was a chorister at St. Paul's Cathedral, and a pupil of Dr. Greene. In 1757 he was elected organist of Canterbury Cathedral. In 1803 he resigned in favour of Highmore Skeats, organist of Ssilisbury Cathedral. He died at Canterbury Dec. 11, 1810, and was buried in the cloisters at Canterbury. A volume of his 'Cathedral Music,' containing two Services, five Anthems, a Sanctus, Kyrie, Sufirages, and nine chants, with his portrait on the title, was published by his son, Rev. William James Porter, Headmaster of the College School, Worcester, who also published two anthems and four chants of his own composition, on the title-page of which he is described as ' of the King's School, Canterbury.' Porter's Service in D, which is of a pleasing character, is stOl (1880) frequently performed.

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    Fingerprint Key First
   ===== Single chants =====
      -2  -3  -1   3   3 g c" 239‑73
      -2  -2  -1   3   2 B♭ d" 237‑70
      -1  -4   2   2   1 D♭ d"♭ 1325‑95
       1   2  -7   2   2 A c"# 238‑72; 97209‑64
       5  -8   2   1   2 E♭ b'♭ 238‑71