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Rogers, Thomas (1839-1899)

Additional comments:
This material was researched by Howard Shelton and published on the Facebook group Choral Evensong Appreciation Association. Neville Richards summarized it for use in this index.

I have traced Thomas Rogers' career through the 19th century census returns, all of which concur that he was born in Falmouth BEFORE THE END OF MARCH 1839. This corresponds to the birth registered in Falmouth in the first quarter 1839. The National Probate Calendar gives his date of death as 11th February 1899 (in Canterbury), which concurs with the death registration in the first quarter of that year, which gives his age as 59. His birthdate was therefore between the 12th February and 31st March 1839.
In Oxford University Alumni, 1715-1886, vol. 3, his entry states: eldest son of Thomas Rogers, of Falmouth, gentleman (he was a Linen Draper); matriculated at Exeter College 2/6/1857 aged 18; choral scholar New College 1859-63; B.A. 1862, M.A. 1864; minor canon Durham Cathedral 1864-84, Precentor 1872-84, D.Mus (Durham) 1882; Vicar of Roxwell (Essex) 1884.
There are a couple more biographical details: Thomas had a younger brother William Hosken Rogers, born in the summer of 1843 (whose fate after his baptism on 8th January 1858 I have not yet determined.....)(he does not appear on any census after that date....deaths of a William Rogers - without a middle name or initial - were registered in Falmouth in both 1859 and 1860....)
Thomas married Julia Alice Maltby, daughter of the Rector of Egglescliffe, co. Durham in Durham City in 1868. I do not think they had any children.

Update on the younger brother: I find a reference to him (including his unusual middle name) in the London Gazette of 22nd March 1870: (I paraphrase) A chemist and druggist of Chapel Street, East Stonehouse, Devon, he was adjudicated BANKRUPT on 15th March 1869 at the Exeter District Court of Bankruptcy

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