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Boulton, Harry (1999- )

Additional comments: I joined my local church choir in Welwyn Garden City, England at the age of 8 and ever since my love for music has grown specifically the choral works. I have sung at several cathedrals across the UK as a visiting choir and I have been singing bass from the age of 13. Currently (2015) studying maths, music and computing.

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m 0-1-2-22212203-2-1-51-1-2-11  (1)
m 3-1-3-453-10-2  (1)
m 3-1-312123-1-47-2-1-1253-10-2  (1)
M 41-321-55-1-2-2421-53-1-20-2  (1)
M 5-57-72-2-2-1-2-242150-1-221  (1)