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Cartledge, James (1791-1864)

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Additional comments: Brown, J., & Stratton, S. (Eds.). (2009). British Musical Biography: A Dictionary of Musical Artists, Authors and Composers, born in Britain and its Colonies (Cambridge Library Collection - Music). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/CBO9780511693274, page 81: Cartledge, James, composer, organist, and singer, born at Newark [1791] ; died at Manchester September 13, 1864. being the senior chorister of the Cathedral, his appointment dating from 1826. He issued ""Sacred Music, with an accompaniment for the organ or pianoforte,"" London[1840]

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    Fingerprint Key First
   ===== Single chants =====
       1   2   3  -1   5 C e' 11995‑32
   ===== Double chants =====
       0  -2  -1   0   1 G d" 11993‑27