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Mann, Arthur Henry (1850-1929)
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Index of chants and/or other music written by this composer that other composers have arranged for their own chant.
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      -3  -2  -2   0   9 ( 1, 3)  G d" 1861‑3Meijer, TonLamb (book no. 83, Lichfield Psalter) suggests the second half of Mann's Quadruple (no. 1195) for the Gloria. Other sources do not make suggestions. This double is formed with the first three quarters and the final quarter.
   ===== Triple chants =====
      -3  -2  -2   0   9 ( 1, 3)  F c" 18621‑8Meijer, TonTriple based on AH Mann's quadruple chant to accomodate Ps. 84 vss 12-13