Numerical index to all chants

All chants in the database are given a reference number as they are entered. In the list of references per composer this reference number is included in the listing. In other pages, when the cursor is hovered over the chant number "n" (in the b-p-n notation) a text is shown with more information about the chant. In this text the reference number is presented in parentheses after the page number. The number can be of use to recall a particular chant. The button below will transfer to the composer page for the chant requested. The pages can be quite long, but they are scrolled to make sure that the requested number is on the part displayed. (The references on the page are all for the same chant anyway ...)

Enter the reference number of the chant you are looking for
(you may also paste the link to the midi, see below)


How to get the reference number of the chant:
In a composer page the number is in the left-most column.
In other pages hover the cursor over the chantnumber (n in the b-p-n notation).
This will display a text with the reference number in parentheses after the page number.
Alternatively you may right-click on the chant number (n) in the index and choose "copy link address".
Paste this link address in the box above (do not change it!!) and press the button "Find the fingerprint page for this chant".