New: Chants bij de Geneefse Psalmen

Anglican chants for all psalms, based on the Genevan melodies, by Ton Meijer, now available!!

  • A new chant book, wherein each chant is based on fragments of the Genevan melody, in the harmonisation by Claude Goudimel.
  • The psalm texts used in this book are in Dutch, but there will be a version with just the chants, so it can be used for any language.
  • Ideal for alternate singing with the congregation, but can be used by itself.
  • The book will be published in May 2023, the net proceeds will go to the Chantfinder Foundation.
  • Prices are:
    • Hardcover € 33.00
    • Soft cover, spiralbound € 27.50
    • Chants only, paperback € 20.00
  • Prices excluding postage (NL: € 4.55 UK: € 8.80) and taxes!! Pls. contact us for other countries and multi copy orders
How to order: Send an email to with the following information:
  • Your (full) name
  • Your full address (make sure to include postal code and country)
  • Your email address
  • Whether you want
    • hardback
    • spiral-bound softback
    • chants only paperback version

We will confirm with an invoice from Chantfinder Publications, which you are asked to pay.
We will send the book once it is ready and payment has been received.

Problems? Contact: ton.meijer/at/ (please replace /at/ with the commercial at-sign)