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Goss, John (1800-1880)
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Index of chants and/or other music written by this composer that other composers have arranged for their own chant.
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References Arranged by: Comments
   ===== Single chants =====
      -2  -5   2   4   1 E♭ c" 2713‑59‑iiPorter, AmbroseArrangement by Ambrose Porter of the first half of the preceding chant (59-i) by John Goss (Melody in tenor)
       2   3   4 -12   3 E♭ b'♭ 2713‑59‑iiiPorter, AmbroseArrangement by Ambrose Porter of the second half of the preceding chant (59i) by John Goss (Melody in tenor)
   ===== Double chants =====
      -2  -5   2   4   1 E♭ c" 34328‑4Porter, AmbroseFaux Bourdon by Ambrose Porter on the original chant by John Goss (no. 494)
       0   2  -3   0   6 E♭ e'♭ 34196‑2Ashfield, Robert JamesFaux Bourdon by Ashfield of the preceding chant by John Goss. Melody in tenor (1st half) and bass (2nd half).
       0   2  -3   0   6 E♭ e'♭ 949‑3Ashfield, Robert JamesFauxbourdon by Ashfield for Goss' chant (no. 9-2)
       2   3  -1   0   1 E♭ e'♭ 34328‑3Porter, AmbroseSame chant as preceding one, but with faux bourdon by Ambrose Porter. Here indexed under the melody (tenor). Also separately indexed under the treble voice (no. 496, composer Ambrose Porter)

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