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All references to the Single chant with full melodic line:

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Vandernan, Thomas

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ID Book Title Page Chant   Key Psalms/Notes
18832 32 The Psalter and Canticles with appropriate Chants Ancient and Modern (Turle, James) 150 II‑1‑M*   A major Major of no. II-1m
08990 57 The Handbook of One Hundred Chants (Martin, G. W.) 10 37   A major  
14353 71 Chants Ancient and Modern, Responses (Stewart, Robert P.) 18 102   A major  
28024 128 The Westminster Abbey Chant Book -- Chants as used in Westminster Abbey (Turle, James / Bridge, J.F.) 64 186   A major Venite
or special hymn for Christmas Day Morning; attributed to W. Hayes; in other sources to Vandernan;
28657 136 A Collection of Chants for the Daily and Proper Psalms (Joule, Benjamin St. John Baptist) 149 508   A-flat major Venite
13886 67 The Chantbook Companion to the Book of Common Prayer (Vincent, Charles) 70 465   G major Attributed to " Vandeman", in other sources to Thomas Vandernan
15694 77 The Irish Chantbook (Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge) 120 698   G major