The website has so far been privately funded. In order to continue the work the Foundation will have to rely on donations to cover the operational cost and (if and where possible) stimulate research. We therefore urgently invite your donations, which can be made by just one simple click on the button below .....

You can also donate via Direct Bank Transfer to our account with ING Bank, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (this is actually preferred ....).
Account number: IBAN NL29INGB0006688521 BIC INGBNL2A
Beneficiary: Chantfinder Foundation, Maasdijk 109, 4261AE WYK EN AALBURG, The Netherlands.

Thank you for your support!

Donations will be used exclusively to cover the operational cost of fulfilling the charter of the Foundation. Board members do not receive any remuneration, except for a possible direct compensation for costs incurred. On a regular basis, donations will be published on the website in anonymous form: just the final four digits of your bank account or credit card number or the Paypal reference number, to enable you to verify that your donation is accounted for. Apart from the bank statements no other personal information will be stored, so your privacy will be respected.

The Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The registration number (RSIN) is 861492420.
The Foundation has been classified as a "cultural charity" ("Culturele ANBI" in Dutch), so private donations are tax deductible for 125%, corporate donations even for 150%. This status applies to donations received after July 24, 2020.
As required by the ANBI status, the Foundation will annually publish a financial statement on the website.

For further information contact: treasurer/at/ (please replace /at/ with the commercial at-sign @)

Annual Report 2021
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