The Chantfinder Foundation

The ownership of and responsibility for the website has been transferred to the Chantfinder Foundation, a foundation ("Stichting") under Dutch law, which was established on July 24, 2020.

According to the articles of association the purpose of the Foundation is:
  • to maintain the website www.anglicanchant.nl and the underlying database with minimum functionality as described in the article "ChantFinder: A melodic index to Anglican chants" by Ton Meijer / Martin J. M. Hoondert / Menno M. van Zaanen, Jahrbuch für Liturgik und Hymnologie 57. Band, 2018 p. 216;
  • to expand the database (and the website) where/when possible by adding additional chant books;
  • to promote and facilitate Anglican chant-oriented research using the database.
The full Policy Plan of the Foundation can be found here.
The Board of the Foundation consists of:
  • Ton Meijer (Chairman/Secretary),
  • Ed van der Geest (Treasurer),
  • Niels de Klerk, Member
  • Daniel Rouwkema, Member
The Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The registration number (RSIN) is 861492420.
For further information please contact the chairman of the Foundation at voorzitter/at/anglicanchant.nl (please replace /at/ with the @-sign).
The transfer of ownership of the website to the Foundation does not in any way affect access to the website, but it guarantees future availability and continuity of both the website and the underlying database, even after the death of the founder, Ton Meijer. For the time being it will just be business as usual and we will continue to include more (and more and ....) chants/chant books in the database.

Because the website has so far been privately funded, it is now necessary to tap new financial resources in order to continue this work. We will have to rely mainly on donations to cover the operational cost and (if and where possible) stimulate research. Therefore we urgently invite your donations, which can be made by just one simple click.

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