Stichting "Chantfinder Foundation"

Policy plan 2020/2021


The statutory objectives of the Stichting*) Chantfinder Foundation (hereafter referred to as “the Foundation”) are to:

  • stimulate and facilitate scientific research with respect to Anglican chants;
  • maintain the website "" and its underlying database, with minimum functionality as described in: “Ton Meijer / Martin J.M. Hoondert / Menno M. van Zaanen: "ChantFinder: A melodic index to Anglican chants", Jahrbuch für Liturgik und Hymnologie 57. Band, 2018 p. 216”;
  • expand the database (and thus the website), where possible, by adding more chant books; and
  • to carry out all activities related to the aforementioned, in the broadest sense, or that may be conducive to it, all without making a profit.

In recent years, the database and the website referred to above have been set up by Ton Meijer and expanded further by him. Interest has also increased, especially from currently active church musicians in England but also worldwide. It is precisely this increased interest that is the main motive for establishing the Foundation. This guarantees its continuity, even in the event of the founder's death.


The Board consists of four people (statutory minimum three):

  • Ton Meijer, Chairman/Secretary;
  • Ed van der Geest, Treasurer;
  • Esther Sijp, Member;
  • Niels de Klerk, Member.
The current Board aims to appoint a fifth Board Member in 2020.
The Board Members endorse the objectives of the Foundation and will monitor them. If the position of Chairman becomes vacant, it will be filled by one of the Members. The Board Members do not receive any remuneration, except for a possible direct compensation for costs incurred.


For the near future, the policy is aimed at maintaining the status quo, i.e. the founder of the website (Ton Meijer) will continue to expand the database and website by adding more chant books. He will also maintain contact with the hosting company for the website (currently Versio Nederland) for operational continuity. A current copy of the database (and associated software) is permanently stored on Google Drive.

A manual will be written shortly for adding chants to the database and publishing the website, so that third parties can also participate and possibly take on this task. To this end, the Board will actively search for volunteers who are willing (and qualified) to do this. The minimum required qualifications are:

  • affinity with the English method of singing psalms (Chanting);
  • reasonable knowledge of music theory (harmony theory);
  • experience with a music notation program (preferably Finale);
  • experience with Microsoft Access databases;
  • general knowledge of the Internet and building of websites.
To stimulate scientific interest in the database, relevant research groups will be actively targeted. If possible, another scientific article on the systematic cataloguing of the work of one composer will be published in the first half of 2021. For this collaboration with the University of Tilburg will be sought. Depending on the nature of an application for the use of the database for research, the Board may decide to request a fee or, if Foundation assets allow, provide financial support.


Because the website has so far been privately funded, it is now necessary to tap new financial resources. This will be done in two ways:

  • encouraging website users to donate via a PayPal "Donate" button or by Direct Bank Transfer. If there are no copyright objections, users can request printouts of chants. Such prints will be free of charge, but the option to donate will be expressly noted.
  • directly approaching potential sponsors / donors with a targeted mailing. Examples include the Royal School of Church Music and all cathedral choirs in England and elsewhere. With this form of sponsorship, the emphasis will be on the possibility of financially supporting scientific research based on the database.
Both options will be implemented in the short term. Donations will be acknowledged regularly on the website so that donors, although anonymous, can verify that their donation has been processed. Annual financial statements will be published on the website in accordance with the ANBI regulations.

*) Chantfinder Foundation is a "Stichting" (Foundation) under Dutch law. Therefore, the word "Stichting" has to be used in conjunction with the name, so the full legal name is "Stichting Chantfinder Foundation". In the ensuing tekst, it will be referred to exclusively as "Foundation".