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John Speller's Webpages - Anglican Chant

Full TitleJohn Speller's Webpages - Anglican Chant
Author(s)Speller, John
Year of Publication??
Pointed text includedYes; language: Engels; Version: 1979 BCP Episcopal Church USA
Chants numbered continuouslyNo
Chants assigned to PsalmsYes
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Additional comments John Speller: You will find on this page the complete Psalter from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer pointed for Anglican Chant. The object is to create a pointed psalter that is very different from and much more accessible to the average choir and congregation than the late Dr. Alex Wyton's Anglican Church Psalter, however fine that may be for expert choirs. My intention is that my online Psalter should be easy enough to be sung by congregations as well as choirs. To facilitate this I recommend that the pointing, and preferably also the chant, be printed out in the church bulletin.

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