An index to Anglican Chants

compiled by Ton Meijer

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The purpose of this site is to collect as many Anglican Chants as is possible and/or feasible. If you are not familiar with Anglican Chanting, you may want to have a look at the principles of chanting, or listen to King's College Choir, singing Psalm 150 on a chant by Robert Philip Goodenough (there are many psalms sung by a variety of choirs to be found on You Tube). Goodenough's chant can be played here.

  An article with a thorough discussion of the website, a validation of the indexing method and a comparison with other methods was published in:
Ton Meijer / Martin J. M. Hoondert / Menno M. van Zaanen: "ChantFinder: A melodic index to Anglican chants", Jahrbuch für Liturgik und Hymnologie 57. Band, 2018 p. 216

For each chant book included or planned general information about the book is provided, together with a Table of Contents. If you do have suggestions for chant books that should be included, please let me know and please also let me know where to get those books. Similarly, if you find an error, it will be greatly appreciated if you point it out to me, so I can correct it.

A summary list of the chant books is available in five formats: sorted by booknumber (ID) , by book title, by (principal) author, by (first) year of publication and by status and ID. Apart from these lists of chant books, the site consists of several indexes, which can all be accessed through the links below and also via the Quick-select menu above):

Although they are included in the main indexes, two additional lists are provided for those chants that are not strictly Single or Double (Triple and other "Multiples"):

For convenience of those who want to be able to recall a chant easily there is also

For all chants listed, a midi file is available. Please note that the midi files are provided solely as a tool to identify a particular chant or to compare chants. They are NOT intended to be reverse-engineered to obtain printed copy!! The purpose of the website is to be an index, for printed copy you should use the sources indicated with every chant book. As of February 2019 the midi files are scrambled to discourage reverse-engineering.

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